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How Listings Are Sorted

    LOCATION: Choose where you want to live from the zone maps for your city.

    SIZE: Rental properties are listed by SIZE within each zone. So, keep in mind the number of bedrooms you want and start at that size.

    PRICE: At each size, listings run from the least to the most expensive. Establish your price range and focus on those rents.

    COMPARE: Compare the apartments listed in your price range and select those that appeal to you.

    CALL: Call the phone number in the listing to set up an appointment. Please tell the leasing consultant "I saw it on"

How Listings are Formatted


    1 Location: Street address and geographic zone tell right away where listing is located.

    2 Size: Number of bedrooms clearly displays listed apartment size.

    3 Price: Rent per month helps you shop & compare.

    4 Included In Rent & Available Amenities: The chart on each listing indicates whether the most commonly requested items are available.

    5 On-line Brochure: A red house indicates that there is additional information about the listing, including pictures and more extensive descriptions.

    6 More Info: Click to display the drawer which shows the detailed information about the apartment, including any available specials or offers.

    7 Add to Favorites: Save an apartment listing to your personal file. This allows you to easily compare apartments and even save a PDF file of your favorites!

    8 Refine Search: Quickly change the parameters of your apartment search. Add mulitple zones, apartment sizes, specific apartment style and more!

    9 Save Search Criteria: Save your current search criteria to your personal file. This allows you to come back to at a later time and get the most up-to-date listings that meet your rental criteria.

Apartment Style Definitions

    FLAT: Building containing a single living unit on each floor.

    GARDEN APARTMENT: An apartment development consisting of two or more structures surrounded by an abundance of lawns, plants, flowers, etc., giving it a garden-like atmosphere.

    DUPLEX: Any building containing two dwelling units. Most commonly refers to units which are side by side, with a common wall and roof.

    HOUSE: A free standing single family dwelling

    TOWNHOUSE: Two-story rental unit with more than two units located on either side but not on top. Usually each townhouse unit has private entry.

    HIGH RISE: Structure with 4 or more stories of apartment rental units.

    LOFT: Apartment containing an attic-like upper floor, usually open and without partitions.